Web Developer

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I made tech my thing,  and now it’s my world!

I’m a mommy of a teenager. Living live through Christ and am an active leader in God Own Ministries WorldWide (Our home away from home). 

I love the tech world, including building websites,  gadgets, and everything around it. I am also a trainer and love teaching what I know. 

So, therefor my goal is to learn as much as possible and give back to those who want to learn to get into the business too.

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Hopefully see you soon, God Bless! 

Love Quanita

PS: The J. stands for Jewel, my daughter.


Website Design


→ Altijd op maat;

→ Een passend kleurenschema en lettertype; 

→ Geschikt voor mobiel, laptop, desktop en tablet;

→ Basis SEO implementatie;

→ Hosting bij Hostnet




Ook voor aparte website of media onderdelen

kan je bij mij terecht, scheelt ook in kosten


→ Logo Design;

→ Branding; 

→ Flyers Design;

→ Invitations.